Become a leader in soft diplomacy

Stanford University Master of Arts degree in East Asian Studies / Sana Sugita

Apr 25, 2023

GLAP Alumini

My experience in GLAP’s liberal arts education has taught me how multiple areas of study — ranging from art history, political sociology, to international business — are indeed connected in some way. Throughout my four years in the program, I have learned to critically analyze, construct, and convey an argument. The Tutorial class which is a small-sized class composed of 4 to 5 students per class, was a great opportunity for me to hone my skills in debating and presenting on crucial topics such as multiculturalism and Japan’s international profile. I found my intellectual passion in culture and s oft power through two classes offered in GLAP, Culture and Fine Arts and Japan in Asian Context. By learning approaches to cultural exchange and diplomacy, I saw how arts are politically relevant and have the power to impact relations with foreign nations. Studying Japan's cultural policies from a theoretical perspective spurred my interest in its practice. For this reason, I interned a t the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the International House of Japan, both opportunities I have attained through Rikkyo University. Combining my academic and practical knowledge from class and internship, I wrote my thesis on the evolution of programs that send Japanese artists abroad via government grants as cultural emissaries. As I pursue postgraduate studies, I hope to deepen my understanding of the media, economics, and history of cultural diplomacy from an interdisciplinary perspective. I hope to one day become a leader in soft diplomacy.

(Graduated in 2023)
*as of the time of this interview



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