Finding my ambition through GLAP

Fukuoka / Kasumigaoka High School Sayuri Kodama

Apr 01, 2018

GLAP Students

Advantages of classes being held in small numbers

GLAP distinguishes itself from other programs since all classes are conducted in English, and the classroom consists of small groups. These are the two biggest differences I noticed compared to the high school I went to in Japan. In high school, there were twice as many students the class so I felt reluctant to ask the teacher questions. However, GLAP encouraged me to ask more questions since there were fewer students, and this enabled me to input every knowledge taught in class.

Select an institution abroad that matches your goal

My goal after graduate school is to become a diplomat because I was inspired by the courageous act of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat who saved many Jewish people during World War II. In order to reach this achievement, I will need to study more in depth about International Relations, UN and International Organization, which would help me to shape my own opinions about peace keeping and diplomacy. Another reason why I would like to become a diplomat is because of a discussion about terrorism that took place shortly after the 9/11 terror attack when I was residing in America. A student told my brother, "You are also a terrorist since you Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor." Ever since this incident, it ignited a spark in me to want to become a part of rebuilding relationships between countries and lessen the hatred and bigotry in this global society. In the upcoming August I am going to Leiden University College in the Netherlands. My future dream is to become a diplomat so I would like to study foreign affairs and international relations there since the college specializes in this area. Having spent my childhood in the United States, I am very excited about studying at a new environment since I have never had an opportunity to study in Europe before.

My academic goals and plans after returning from Leiden University

Upon returning, I would like to choose Citizenship out of the three areas of study. By choosing this area of study, I will be able to study furthermore about foreign affairs and international relations. As I would have learned the fundamental basics of international relations at Leiden University College, it would help me make a smooth transition in deepening my knowledge as well as applying my obtained understandings for recognizing current global issues. In addition to my certification in EIKEN Grade 1, I am planning on taking and passing the United Nations Associations Test of English. Since I am interested in international affairs, I emerge myself in conversations of issues concerning immigration, refugees, politics, and education with students in Rikkyo University especially those who are exchange students. After I return from Leiden University, I have envisioned plans for graduate school and to take the exam for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Class Schedule (Fall Semester of 1st year)

Advanced English 2 (Project English)
In Advanced English 2, we discussed about many topics, worked in groups, and gave presentations in class. Last time we were given the assignment to choose a topic we were interested in, and gave a presentation. I chose to give a presentation about "Organ Donor" and I used slides to talk about this topic for around 10 minutes. I used to feel uncomfortable to share my thoughts in front of others, but this class enabled me to be more confident to express myself.
Tutorial 2
In Tutorial 2, we were required to read, summarize, and gave presentations about a highly educational book in class. We must write our own opinions about the chapter and think of a question that was related to the chapter for discussions during class. I especially liked this class since I got to learn about my classmate's opinions and discussed about topics with them.
Academic Japanese
I lived in Boston for over 11 years and I did not know much about Japanese culture, so I chose Japanese as my second language. In this class I learned how to write Haiku with a brush that is specialized for calligraphy, and traditional Japanese music. It is difficult to learn so many aspects of Japanese culture in daily life, so I am very thankful to have the opportunity to attend this class.
GL111 (Global Leadership Program)
In this class there was a goal to come up with a project that would most benefit the company project. We were assigned to teams and we had to work together to complete many tasks. The ultimate goal of
this class is to be a great leader in the future. We were given the time to think throughly about what exactly is 'leadership' and what we should do to be a good leader.
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