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Chiba / Narita Kokusai High Shool Sophomore, Kira Nozawa

May 01, 2019

GLAP Students

Adequate education and assistance

GLAP consists of a small number of students, so each student is able to gain enough education and support from professors. I think this is one of the best features of GLAP. Since all classes are a small group teaching, I have come to feel closer to both professors and students. As a result, I feel easier to ask questions to professors both inside and outside of the class, and now I am able to have a deeper understanding of every class. Also, when faced with a difficult task, my friends and I are able to work together in order to achieve our goals.

Diversity in the dorm life

Since most of the students who live in the dorm are international students, it helps me develop global awareness and creates a unique environment to live in. We usually get along with each other, make dinner together, and we often help each other with our homework. It is also very convenient t o get to the university, as it only takes approximately 20 minutes to Ikebukuro campus by train and 15 minutes to Niiza campus on foot. Because of the convenience, I can easily utilize all the facilities on campus.

Liberal Arts education and my future plan

My future dream is to get a job that is related to theatre management. In order to achieve this goal, I often consider the importance of developing my own expertise in things such as the performing arts and business. However, I also think it is important to go beyond my interests and challenge myself with things I have never experienced in the liberal arts education o f GLAP. This coming August, I am going to study at Trinity University in Texas. I would like to choose “Urban studies” as a major there, and I would like to acquire basic skills in business and economics from the study of community development. Moreover, I would like to take “Theater” as a minor. I hope to expand my knowledge of theatrical arts and theatre management in the US w here the theatre industry flourishes.

Class Schedule (Fall Semester of 1st year)

This course is conducted a maximum of up to 5 students, and it is one of the unique classes that GLAP offers. In this class, students are required to summarize the contents of an academic text and give a presentation and have a discussion. Since we are asked our opinions, I spent much time getting ready for this course. GLAP students have various unique backgrounds and different perspectives, so I always felt inspired by hearing all their opinions.
Economic Thought
We consider how we live in the future from various aspects of work, childcare, elderly care, and education based on our future life plan. The professor gave us the possible examples from online articles and
we anticipated what could happen in the future. Through this course, we learned to keep an open mind to things that are taken for granted; as our perspectives may change from learning about how others think. I am sure this way of thinking would be beneficial to me when I need to make a decision in the future.
Basic French
Since I was studying French in high school, I decided to continue to study it as a second language. Besides learning the language, you will also be able to learn about French culture and society. There are some international students from French-speaking countries in the dorm I live. This is the great opportunity to make the most of what I have learned. I believe making foreign friends who speak another language will give you a rich experience of the culture that would be difficult to achieve.
An Introduction to "Glocal" Experience※
This class requires students to consider what the global is from a local perspective using a case study on Saitama Prefecture, and the class is taught in Japanese. In each class, we have guest speakers who work in various industries and they teach us what is the attraction of Saitama. We approach issues and visions that Saitama has from various aspects such as culture, economy, society, and business. Now I know Saitama is bustling with life and full of charm. I would like to keep in mind the idea that locality is a crucial factor when we think of global.
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